Join entrepreneurial parents and the leaders they're raising For A mini-mastermind and 3-day retreat

An opportunity to reconnect, cast a new vision and walk out of summer no longer as an entrepreneur with kids to raise, but a Founder Family on a new mission together.

Foun-der fam-i-ly

Entrepreneurs who successfully integrate their family and business into one powerful mission and life together, resulting in fulfillment, freedom and legacy.

Come for the summer camp memories, leave with the business mastermind transformations:

  • From spread too thin entrepreneurial parent to an unhurried Founder Family.
  • From craving connection with your kids to being on the same page and working as a team toward a common goal and vision.
  • Nurturing your children’s unique purpose and strengths to help them develop true confidence and pursue what they’re passionate about.
  • From mindlessly following society’s plan for your family's life to confidently standing up for your values and calling.
  • Guide your kids to go from being influenced by their environment to leading and positively influencing those around them.
  • Shepherd your kids from floundering and crippled by comparison to securely rooted in who they are called to be.

You’re officially invited to

Camp Luminary

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We hope to see you at camp…

June 28 - 30th, 2022


Camp Wandawega, Elkhorn WI

Nestled in a historic lake region of beautiful Wisconsin at a stunning restored 1930’s camp, your family will be able to unplug and access your highest callings in life: growing your successful business and raising successful, happy children. Reconnect with your purpose, embody true leadership, and illuminate an entrepreneurial spirit in your children.

One time only camp bonus:

The Mini Mastermind

We’re so excited to bring you Camp Luminary and want to make it as transformational and impactful long term for your family. So, we’re throwing in a mini mastermind to prepare you before the event and solidify what you learned at camp after the event. It will be an opportunity to bring your family together as you embark on this new mission. (Value: Our Masterminds range from $10,000 - $30,000 and we’re including it with your tickets to camp!)



We’ll kick off our time together fully prepping you for your new future as a Founder Family…

2 calls where we’ll discuss:

How to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit in our kids

including simple and effective trainings and tools for kids and an opportunity to complete and present a business themed project Shark Tank style at camp.

Gain ultimate clarity

what exactly your business and family needs to work in full harmony with each other and maximize possibility.

solidify what we learned

We’ll meet again once in July and once in August when we return from Camp to solidify what we learned and bring it into our day to day lives, reconnect with camp friends and report back on entrepreneurial summer projects assigned. These will be some of the most unifying and powerful conversations and lessons for you and your kids!

Throughout this summer mastermind, Founder Families comprised of entrepreneurial parents and their school-aged kids will gather on calls and at camp to learn leadership, freedom, purpose, legacy, wealth, and vision.

You Will:

Discover how to raise happy and successful children as an entrepreneurial family.

Find your true north as a family by weaving your values in both business and life.

Choose a life of freedom

and pursuit of purpose.

At camp, connect under the stars

  • Savor local specialty foods, grilling out as a group, and breaking bread together

  • Experience fireside discussions & movie nights

  • Enjoy Plenty of outdoor time - hiking, fishing, or kayaking

Walk away restored, reconnected, and refocused.

Plus, your “little luminary” will have a chance to lead, pitch an idea or business, and witness leaders (other than their parents). This type of exposure and example is an incredible way to unlock opportunities for kids.

What’s included in my Camp Luminary investment?

BONUS experience

Mini-mastermind throughout June, July and August

All inclusive

With fun meal experiences throughout your stay

Expert speakers

Expert speakers and breakout sessions with focused topics for everyone in your family

Activities focused

Activities focused on leadership and opportunities for members of your family to lead

Camp activities

Like fireside chats, movie nights, plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors hiking, fishing, kayaking, biking


Geared towards Founder Families

A priceless blueprint to integrate your business and family that will change the trajectory of your lives!

All the lodging details:

Vintage Bunkhouse Experience

A room for one entrepreneur + one child in our Bunkhouse, Lakeview or Cedar Cabin

Embrace the summer camp experience with shared bathrooms + showers in the camp Bunkhouse


Nostalgic Summer Camp Experience

Enjoy a short walk up the hill to the best view of Camp Wandawega to our scout tents for one entrepreneur + one child

Camp Latrine + showers available


Still wondering if camp is a good fit for your family?

Send a Video Ask question to Liz and she’ll get right back to you!

Have booking related questions?

Schedule a call with Michael our Camp Concierge here:

We can’t wait to roast marshmallows with you and your family over the dream that awaits you!

Liz & Michael

+ the Luminary Leadership Co. team

You Might Have Some Questions

Are meals and lodging included in my registration?

YES! Breakfast (Wednesday + Thursday), Lunch (Wednesday) and Dinner (Tuesday + Wednesday) are on us! Lodging at the famous Camp Wandawega is on us from check-in on Tuesday at 1pm through Thursday at 11am!

What is the Itinerary?

Final details on schedule will be announced closer to Camp, but the dates and times you need to know

now: plan to arrive to Camp at 1pm on Tuesday (6/28) and say our final goodbyes at 11am on Thursday (6/30).

What is the refund/cancellation policy?

Payments made toward your registration are fully refundable up until March 31, 2022. This allows us time to fill your space if you no longer can attend. If after March 31 you are unable to make the event, all registration fees paid can be applied to a future camp. Just email us at with any questions about the refund process.

What is the range of age of kids?

Our programming is aimed at families with school aged kids (kindergarten through high school).

What if I’m not a camper but really interested in joining?

Appreciate the rustic vibe and want the outdoors adventure minus having to sleep there? No worries, there are a variety of accommodations on the property you can take advantage of as well as airbnb’s near the camp you can secure.

What if I can’t make it this year?

Get on the waitlist, our plan is to do additional rounds of Camp Luminary and bring this to other areas in 2023.

Ready to secure your spot?

Email our Camp Luminary Concierge at or book your spot here.

Where can I get more information?

For more information on the famous and exclusive Camp Wandawega, read their campers guide here!

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