Personality Assessments

Gain the valuable insights needed to leverage your unique personality style so you can focus on optimizing team flow and needle-moving efforts! This peek-behind-the-curtain will allow you to deepen your relationships while more effectively driving for results as a Leader.  

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1 Personality Assessment & Customized Profile

IMPORTANT NOTE: Luminary Leadership Co. strongly recommends using the Personality Profiles with the assistance of a certified facilitator to ensure you are maximizing your investment and effectively rolling out the education of personality style within your team.


Personalized profile includes in-depth analysis of each of your team members' individual strengths, behavioral tendencies and challenges that is delivered in a visual, fun, and intuitive framework.

The custom profile provides key insight into you and your team members' unique motivators, needs, fears, and the value you each bring to the team and to your business!

Learn how you as a leader and each of your team members relate to one another (and with your clients), handle conflict, communicate, lead people, manage stress, and so much more.

The profile concludes with Dynamic Action Planning questions that are specifically selected for the individual based on their style. This personalized reflection will leave you and your team members with a concrete action plan to use your unique personality styles to the in your strengths while self aware of the challenges you may face. All designed to help you build and inspire a more effective + cohesive team and a stronger bottom line! 

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